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Hello everyone, so a while ago i released my Crawling Dungeon Alpha and you could all play it, but there was only one character/class. I am currently working on adding classes to the game to A) give the game some variety and B) to cover more play styles. Some people prefer a tanky class that doesnt do too much damage but can take a lot, othersprefer a dps like class that deals lots of damage but cant take to much damage. Once complete there will be the Warrior class, bassically a tank, you can take lots of hits but dont deal much damage. Next the Mage class, a ranged dps class, you can deal significantly more damage then the tank but cant take as much. And finally the Assassin class, a melee range dps class, has high damage output one shotting most standared enemies in the game but beware the assassin can barely take any hits. I do plan on adding more in the future but this is what im adding at this point in time, dont plan on adding more until ive balanced these ones out. This update (v0.0.2) should hopefully be out in a few days if everything goes smoothly

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